Monday, May 3, 2010

For my students

I also need to remember these things for next year.
1st week:
-Rule-making and discussion - which of them is fair? Policy on talking out of turn
-rubrics (expression 80%; grammar 20%)
-program outline
-list what you want to write about
-mistakes talk
-attitudes towards classmates
-question everything, always. Ask "How do you know that?"

-writing journal to go home
-writing practice once every two weeks
-cubbies for each student (with bathroom stick, pencil bag included)
-posters of every concept taught
-we think you're just Ducky
-teacher's mailbox
-material in ziplock bags
-progress record journal
-read a book through the year. Discuss it once ever two weeks.

Prizes for:
-being considerate to others
-working well in group

To buy:
-trays for homework
-trays for new material
-cubbies for students
-magnetic letters
-mail box

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