Friday, July 2, 2010

Activities list

-vacation and birthday partners

-fill-in (listen then write) ???

-sorting activities (closed - right or wrong) (open - requires reasoning explanation)

class routines

Writing Activity Start - Free Writing (writer's notebook)
Sharing time
Copy points (diary)
Read points
Writing Activity End - What did you learn today? What did your neighbor do well today? (work notebook)
Sharing time

-rules and consequences posted
-meet-me card
-reward stickers
-prize not delivered during class

Will change every term
-board eraser
-door holder
-line leader
-absent student

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Writing workshop

Students can be encouraged to keep a list of what they have learned in front of their writing portfolios.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Students should have many opportunities to write and rewrite a piece. (Wondrous Words chapter 14, and the Write Genre chapter 2).
Students should have a folder (3-ringed) where they keep their published work and their drafts. That is, on top of their writer's notebook.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Reading class

Read a book. Take notes. Go over vocab. Paraphrase (speaking and then writing). Draw the picture. "a writer uses words"

Writing technique

-role play convincing mom to buy a computer

The food pyramid

This is for dean and I.
Print it out.
Find out examples of food for each food group.
Find out the correct amount of servings
Break it down through daily/weekly menus.

Vocab/text comp skills

1-Circle the word you don't know
2-Praphrase - write in your own words

They should repeat this process throughout the year. Make a poster of that.

WORD WALL - like a dictionary of ideas. They contain useful words.

To buy:
Different color markers for color coding
Pocket chart

Ideas for help with writing

-talk before writing
-draw pictures as you write - journal with pictures
-story board
-sentence starters, blanks+wanted words
-story maps (graph org)
-free writing
-modeling/analyze paragraphs
-peer editing
-re-writing with suggested changes
-never correct their journals

Sunday, May 16, 2010

More for nxt yr

Why listen to each other
Keep journals on each child

Monday, May 3, 2010

For my students

I also need to remember these things for next year.
1st week:
-Rule-making and discussion - which of them is fair? Policy on talking out of turn
-rubrics (expression 80%; grammar 20%)
-program outline
-list what you want to write about
-mistakes talk
-attitudes towards classmates
-question everything, always. Ask "How do you know that?"

-writing journal to go home
-writing practice once every two weeks
-cubbies for each student (with bathroom stick, pencil bag included)
-posters of every concept taught
-we think you're just Ducky
-teacher's mailbox
-material in ziplock bags
-progress record journal
-read a book through the year. Discuss it once ever two weeks.

Prizes for:
-being considerate to others
-working well in group

To buy:
-trays for homework
-trays for new material
-cubbies for students
-magnetic letters
-mail box

I want to remember this for my kids

-be homeschooled till 4th grade?
-learn to read in Portuguese first
-learn to write in cursive first
-learn to control their finances
-learn what credit cards are
-learn to tithe by doing special chores
-learn about sex as soon as they can read
-learn theology/theologians - middle school age
-learn political philosophy - middle school age
-learn the doctrines with the Shorter Catechism
-learn to figure out meaning of the words by knowing latin roots
-Be bilingual from birth


BOY names:


GIRL names: